Fibaro Launches The Home Center Lite Home Automation Controller.

Home Centre LiteFibaro have launched a new Z-Wave controller for home automation, the Home Center Lite, following up on the popularity of their Home Center 2.

The compact controller measures just 90mm X 90mm X 33 mm and is operated by a new ARM Cortex A8 processor.

The HC Lite is capable of managing all of your home and is able to control up to 230 Z-Wave appliances from many makers. It communicates with sensors, controlling appliances, lights and heating; it will even alerting you of threats such as break-in, fire or flood.

The new controller provides complete home management via its set-up for Rooms, Scenes and Devices and can even track the whereabouts of members of your family, with a localised GPS element.

Just like the larger Fibaro HC2, the Lite version includes completely configurable panels that permit you to control your heating, air conditioning systems and burglar alarms, including your garden sprinklers.

With its superior Multimedia support, you can also control your, home cinema, TV and audio systems from this intelligent Fibaro System.

Image2The HC Lite controller is ready to operate instantly from the box and is expandable by means of the GSM and battery modules (optional). It will also continue to run even in the event of a power-cut.

This home control is all available at your finger-tips, using the Fibaro App, so that you can control your home anywhere, in the office, your lounge, or worldwide!

UK customers can obtain a FREE Schuko UK power adapter.

The Fibaro HC Lite is priced at £250 and now available from Vesternet.

For further information on the Fibaro H C Lite and to browse comprehensive ranges of Home Automation systems and products, got to the Vesternet website.

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