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QMotion UK’s Automated Blinds Offer Shade Convenience


QMotion UK’s collection of automated blinds are an ingenious wire free way to add smart home technology to your home.

Control cords or wires aren’t needed and you can fit a complete automated blind unit without an electrician.

The system is simply operated with a smart remote that can be fitted on a wall-mounted plate, or by using the iOS or Android-phone Apps.

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Fibaro Launches The Home Center Lite Home Automation Controller.

Home Centre Lite

Fibaro have launched a new Z-Wave controller for home automation, the Home Center Lite, following up on the popularity of their Home Center 2.

The compact controller measures just 90mm X 90mm X 33 mm and is operated by a new ARM Cortex A8 processor.

The HC Lite is capable of managing all of your home and is able to control up to 230 Z-Wave appliances from many makers. It communicates with sensors, controlling appliances, lights and heating; it will even alerting you of threats such as break-in, fire or flood.

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Remotely Control Your Individual Room Heating With A Smartphone

Smart Home 1

LightwaveRF, the leading UK Automation developer has introduced a new addition to its Connect series of Smart Home wireless products, which enables accurate control and monitoring of heating systems in the home, using a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

Very soon home owners will be enabled to set-up, control and monitor their central heating boiler’s on/off times, every room temperature, or temperature of zones throughout the house via the Internet from everywhere in the world.

This new LightwaveRF Heating collection is part of the company’s Connect range of products, which consists of sockets, switches, relays and dimmers that control appliances, lighting, entertainment systems as well as nearly all electrical equipment.

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evohome Domestic Heating Control System Launched In UK


evohome, a leading global heating control manufacturer has launched its new evohome system, consisting of controller, hot water and heating kits plus accessories in the UK.

So consumers can now benefit from a touch screen controlled programmable thermostat in full colour, operable via their mobile phone, all over the world.

How the evohome Heating Control System works:

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Control Your Home Central Heating From Anywhere.


Introducing the PassivLiving Heat System, which is a professionally installed remote controlled heating system that replaces your existing heating controls and thermostat and enables you to manage your central heating boiler more efficiently.

At present you probably have to estimate when you require the boiler to switch on in the morning and struggle with complicated on/off timers for your hot water.

PassivLiving Heat is intended to change the way energy is used in your home, by enabling you to manage your existing oil, gas or LPG heating system, whether at home or away.

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Honeywell’s Evohome Creates The Ideal Home Comfort Zone

Evohome Heating Control

Honeywell has introduced evohome, a new smart home heating solution that looks after the control, efficiency and comfort of your home central heating.

Evohome works by Zoning:

It enables you to set the temperature for all of the rooms in your home, as well as programme the on and off schedule for your heating and manage your hot water.

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New Smarter One For All Universal Remote Control Launched

In response to consumer demand for remote controllers for set-top boxes, digital TV and other media equipment that are easier to set up and use, One For All has introduced its latest Universal Simple 4 remote control.

The Simple 4 URC 6440 can be set in about 30 seconds, by just pressing a few buttons, to control up to four media devices.

The chip within the Simple 4 holds the codes for the majority of A/V devices, as well as all the main brand names.

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The Versatile UNOWHY QOOQ Culinary Tablet Launched In English

UNOWHY the French company, has introduced an English version of the versatile QOOQ – the only culinary tablet computer designed for kitchen use.

The UNOWHY tablet comes loaded with 1,000 worldwide multimedia recipes, ingredient facts and handy tools for meal planning, to help cookery enthusiasts in the kitchen.

The QOOQ tablet gives users an interface with top chefs, enabling them to learn about every stage of their favourite dishes and help them to progress their talents.

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The New Micassa Verdi VistaCam From Vesternet

The new Micasaverde VistaCam is a small reliable Indoor IP security camera, which supports both wireless and wired installation.

Although its compact in size the VistaCam offers exceptional video quality, plus VGA resolution at 30 frames-per-second and either M-JPEG or MPEG4 compression, making it ideal for video observation. The VistaCam can be operated with Vestenet’s Vera Lite or Vera3 controllers, to provide a complete security solution, including functions like alarm notifications, motion detection, email alerts and video streaming live to your Smart-phone. The video can also be recorded and stored for examination later, or produced as evidence of criminal activity. The reasonably priced VistaCam is simple to install and provides all of the features users may require.

What makes this camera exceptional is its capability to record video streams direct to the Micasaverde’s servers thus giving you recorded evidence of every activity in the home, such as, confirmation that your kids are safely at home, or evidence in the event that your home is broken into. Priced at £105.

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Vorwerk Launches An Innovative Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vorwerk has just introduced the Kobold VR100 Robot their  automated vacuum cleaner, declaring that it will revolutionise vacuuming.

Technology enthusiasts and the house-proud are sure to favour this intelligent machine, which when started will automatically vacuum both carpets and hard floors

Compact and well designed, the Robot works with advanced laser technology that plots its environs, allowing it to methodically and independently remove dirt,pet hair and dust, even when the occupant isn’t at home.

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