Gorenje Launches A New Range Of Ecological Fridge-Freezers

Gorenje's new NRK 6192 TX  freestanding fridge-freezer is inspired by nature.Gorenje a leading kitchen appliance maker, has launched a freestanding fridge-freezer, the technically advanced NRK 6192 TX, which incorporates pioneering Advanced IonAir technology.

Launched in April, the A++ rated advanced line model, purifies the air in the fridge using ions, which destroy up to ninety five per cent of all moulds, odours and bacteria.

This eco-friendly refrigerator has been launched in recognition of an increasing demand for energy efficiency, food preservation, and hi-tech appliances.

When negatively charged ions are constantly circulated inside the fridge, using ionisation, a biological microclimate is created, resulting in a new freshness level.

This model includes a Multiflow 360° intense ventilation system that maintains the best possible temperature in the fridge. Also the NoFrost plus, a technology, which removes ice from the whole appliance and prevents the contents from getting dried out.

The Ion fridge-freezer also has an eco-programme, that saves energy when no one is at home.

The NRK 6192 TX freestanding fridge-freezer by GorenjeThe AdaptCool sophisticated sensor technology, is the last part of technology in the Ion Generation model that tracks user habits for 7 days and regulates the temperature whenever the fridge is opened more frequently. This significantly improves efficiency and leads to an energy saving of up to fifty per cent.

A number of Gorenje’s new refrigerators include Advanced IonAir technology, such as the Ora Ito NRK ORA 62E fridge-freezer, which is offered in black and white.

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