Symm’s Top Tips for Property Extensions

 Symm’s Top Tips for Property Extensions With the current unpredictable property market in the UK, many homeowners are improving what they have rather than sell.

Investing in their existing property can not only make the living space more appropriate to their needs, but it may also increase its future sale potential.

One area that is proving very popular is to add an extension – but where to start?

Specialist builder Symm offers some guidance:

  • Seek professional advice from a property expert on what would make your property even more desirable.
  • Think about what use the extra space will give you. Many people opt for another bedroom when actually a second bathroom or an enlarged kitchen would add more value.
  • Consider the position of the extension both internally and externally. Where will it fit seamlessly with the external faces of the house, yet work with the internal flow of rooms?
  • Think carefully about how you would ideally like the extension to be designed. A well designed space will not only work practically and aesthetically, but it should also be sympathetic to the existing building. The extension should look great AND add value.
  • Ensure there is enough space in the garden to accommodate your desired extension, without compromising the visual balance.
  • Which way will your extension face? Consider the light.
  • Choose an architect and builder at the very beginning to ensure the smooth progression of the project. A highly trained team will advise on such issues as planning permission, materials needed to match the existing building, mechanical and electrical work and access points.
  • Don’t forget that the many processes involved in getting the project off the ground can take time. With the design process, planning permission and actual construction you may have to make temporary adjustments to the way you live in the property.

Working in Oxford, London, the Cotswolds and southern England, as well as projects as far afield as New York, Symm’s expertise includes specialist and general building, joinery, decoration, restoration, project management, stonemasonry and mechanical services.

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