Lush Designs Launch New Wallpapers

Image1Lush Designs create and produce gifts and homewares, which feature beautiful print designs. They have now introduced their latest distinctive new patterns in wallpaper.

The Fox and Cubs pattern in our top picture, is an addition to their products featuring the designers’ much loved feral friends, often to be found in the streets, gardens and parks in South East London.

Offered in hot red black and pink, inspired by the lively fabrics of Josef Frank, this pattern is daring and uncompromising.

The design is also available in a softer, dove grey and putty-colour, should you desire a paler tone, which, though still light-hearted, forms a foil for other colours.

The Wild Boar wallpaper (lower picture) follows a more conventional pastoral design, portraying the wild boar that appear on lots of Lush Designs products.

Image2In addition, there is The Lovelocks design, with its peculiar padlocks, organic forms and symbols on a black ground, detailed in teal and metallic silver.

The illustration is produced in a meticulous style motivated by paisley, but resembling tiny natural patterns, afloat in the eye of a microscope.

Fabric and bed linen are also offered featuring this print.

All of the Lush Designs are produced in the UK and the wallpapers are priced per roll at £49.50.

Visit the website for further information and to browse Lush Designs’ collections of   Homewares and gifts.

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