Scion’s First Collection of Wallpapers And Fabrics For Kids


British company SCION, well known for its trendy yet reasonably priced designs, has now produced an exciting range of fabrics and wall papers, designed especially for children and the young at heart.

Scion has a reputation for ‘Fun, young and funky’ designs and the new Guess Who? range is no exception!

Guess Who? presents themes that are imaginative and light hearted, from great days out with kids, such as visit to the zoo; featuring lots of bold stripes, fanciful animals, funky florals and playful patterns, which are all available in co-ordinating wallpapers and fabrics.

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Lush Designs Launch New Wallpapers


Lush Designs create and produce gifts and homewares, which feature beautiful print designs. They have now introduced their latest distinctive new patterns in wallpaper.

The Fox and Cubs pattern in our top picture, is an addition to their products featuring the designers’ much loved feral friends, often to be found in the streets, gardens and parks in South East London.

Offered in hot red black and pink, inspired by the lively fabrics of Josef Frank, this pattern is daring and uncompromising.

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Silk Wall-Coverings To Order From James Hare

Silk Wallpaper1

The current trend for walls at the moment consists of colour and texture and the definitive luxury must be silk wall-coverings.

Silk, conventionally used in period interiors, possesses a special lustre, not matched by anything else.

Now James Hare, one of the UK’s leading silk specialists, has brought fabric wall coverings up to date, by creating an ideal finish for modern interiors.

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Introducing My Little Venture’s Collection For Little Ones

Wallpaper Panel

My Little Venture’s ranges of fabric, wallpapers and accessories such as baby cushions and towels, bring together traditional French style, with British craftsmanship.

The collection features stunning hand-painted designs, including hot air balloons, pink flamingos, kites and blossoms.

Venture de Saboulin the French designer of World of Childhood, employs her own watercolours and drawings to generate the collections.

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Landscapes: A Distinctive New Collection Of Harlequin Wallpapers

The Harlequin Studio’s new collection of abstract and impressionistic non woven wallpapers, has captured the spirit of Scandinavian skies, to produce Landscapes, which is an impressive modern-day compilation launching in March this year.

Landscapes consists of 26 wallpapers in six contemporary designs, which include artistic impressions of patchwork fields, mountain ranges, rolling hills and coastal seascapes, all of which are placed against a background of the horizon.

This new collection induces a feeling of tranquillity and harmony.

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Farrow & Ball’s Exterior Paints For Outdoor Beauty

The thought of fresh buds on trees and daffodils in bloom motivates us to consider spring-cleaning outside.

Why not carry on the unique Farrow & Ball look in your garden, with their famous colour palette, which offers 132 external colours?

Whether you live in undulating countryside, or warm city brickwork environs, there are lots of ways to generate interest outside.

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Farrow & Ball’s Delightful New Wallpaper Designs

Farrow & Ball craftsmen in wallpaper and paint, has introduced four unique new paper designs.

The papers blend contemporary fashion, with classic elements and present a mysterious quality with geometric designs and animal prints.

The patterns are enhanced using Farrow & Ball paint printed on the ground papers, giving them a distinctive texture and appearance. These appealing papers inspired by archived designs, are modern, yet retain a traditional softness.

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Harlequin To Launch Additions To Its Momentum Concept

The Leaf Design Momentum Wallcoverings

First launched in 2011, Momentum has quickly become a signature collection, clearly defining itself as an iconic range within the Harlequin brand.

So it’s not surprising that Harlequin has significantly expanded the Momentum concept in 2012. This autumn, two diverse but complementary collections will be launched:
Momentum Wallcoverings Volume 2

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JW Walls Launch A Custom Wall Coverings Website

The Tate Regal

A new website has been launched by JW Walls.com, offering a huge resource to enable people to produce their own customised wall coverings.

Customers can create their own unique feature wall art, or choose from an impressive collection of exclusive designer wall art, from dramatic classics and modern graphics to brilliant street art; these designs would transform any home or commercial premises into a unique space. Prices range from £110.

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Sumptuous Silk Wallpaper Screens And Wall Hangings

Framed Silk Panel “Flowers”.

During the Tang dynasty Chinese scholars and artists painted beautiful creations onto silk and then stretched their work over a screen. This practice later developed into making wallpaper.

Shimu has brought this superb product to the UK from a leading supplier in China, at a more affordable price.

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