NaturePaint Is The First & Only Paint With Zero VOCs

The Cornish natural paint producer NaturePaint, is the first and only paint manufacturer to be given the esteemed Zero VOC* emblem by B&Q.

NaturePaint is the first paint product to confirm it contains zero VOCs, resulting in the newly designed B&Q ‘Zero’ symbol being proudly displayed on every NaturePaint product.

Prepared from only natural, locally sourced non toxic ingredients like Cornish china clays, together with exotic colours including Italian Sienna and French ochres, Both of NaturePaint’s emulsions are sustainable and washable, whilst still supplying high quality cover and vibrant colour.

The NaturePaint varied colour palate is rich in natural vigour and consists of a choice of warm Blues and Greys, rich Reds and natural Greens and a selection of traditional Whites and exclusive Yellows and Browns.

Intended to echo the multiplicity of nature, the varied colour range enables users to explore a range of harmonious blends, to provide a great finish and an individual appearance in a safe home.

You can occupy a freshly painted room immediately and the natural protective capacity and resilience of NaturePaint paint continues to develop in the following two weeks.

NaturePaint is offered in patented dry-powder form in recyclable packaging.

This unique format also permits NaturePaint to be delivered by post for greatest convenience.

To use, you just mix the powder and the suggested amount of water, wait twenty minutes for it to thicken then briefly remix it before application by brush, roller or pad.

Unused paint can be allowed to dry and thrown out with normal waste, or

even safely mixed with your garden compost!

NaturePaint is supplied in 2 pack sizes:

1kg of NaturePaint – makes up 2.5litres of paint. Priced at: £19.95.

80g of NaturePaint, which makes up 200ml. Priced at: £3.95.

NaturePaint is now available to order by post or online at, John Lewis and B&Q.

For further information about NaturePaint with Zero VOC and to view the choice of colours, visit the website.



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