Farrow & Ball’s Floor Paint Transforms Unsightly Wooden Floors

Farrow & Ball’s Floor Paint can effortlessly change unsightly concrete or wood floors to something creative and colourful.

The floor is progressively more regarded as the ‘fifth wall’, an area to present artwork and achieve something different.

For example you could paint a rug, stair runner, or stripes to produce customised, attention grabbing designs, or revitalise a room by just colouring the floor in an attractive paint.

Farrow & Ball’s Floor Paint is offered in all 132 matchless colours in the company’s palette, from strong Down Pipe and Black Blue, to brilliant Arsenic and Charlotte’s Locks, as well as all of their neutral colours too.

Made with only the best constituents, Floor Paint produces an impressive depth of colour and is tough and hard-wearing as well.

The Striped Painted Stairs in our picture have been created using:

  • Walls: Pointing white Emulsion; Wood panels: Light Gray Emulsion, Floor: Dove Tale.
  • Stair stripes: Babouche, Arsenic and Mahogany Floor Paint, Bannister: Pointing white.

Floor Paint is durable with a traditional eggshell finish that is suitable for use on any interior concrete or wooden floor, including workshops and garages.

The Floor Paint has a water base with low VOC content, to ensure that it is environmentally friendly too.

Farrow & Ball is UK based and distributes its products world-wide.

Visit the website for more information and to view Farrow & Ball’s inspiring paint colour palette.

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