Farrow & Ball’s Exterior Paints For Outdoor Beauty

The thought of fresh buds on trees and daffodils in bloom motivates us to consider spring-cleaning outside.

Why not carry on the unique Farrow & Ball look in your garden, with their famous colour palette, which offers 132 external colours?

Whether you live in undulating countryside, or warm city brickwork environs, there are lots of ways to generate interest outside.

Farrow & Ball’s exterior paints are appropriate for use on brick, metalwork and wood, allowing you to decorate your outdoor area in the calm tranquillity of Mizzle, or Babouche or Pelt for a welcoming bursts of colour.

The company has a range of available exterior paints to give you the look you desire:

Traditional exterior Eggshell is a flexible and hard-wearing water based paint, which has a great resistance to peeling or flaking and perfect for use on exterior metal surfaces and wood, including railings, doors, and garden furniture.

Exterior Masonry is supplied in a hundred colours and provides a tough and durable finish on all exterior masonry surfaces.

It provides protection against severe weather conditions, resists dirt pickup, algae and mould problems, making it an ideal finish for exterior walls.

Farrow & Ball’s full Gloss, is just right for exterior and interior wood and metalwork and results in a 95% shine level gloss surface.

This is a multipurpose paint that comes in all of the 132 colours and is useful for adding striking accents of colour.

The company recommends using their Primer and Undercoat paints, made with the same quality ingredients as the topcoats, to ensure you achieve an even and long-lasting finish when painting outside.

Farrow & Ball products are to be had from stockists world wide.

For more information on Farrow & Ball’s exterior paint ranges and full colour choices, go to the website.

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