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Emma Bridgewater Launches New Bedding Designs For Children


Emma Bridgewater has launched a charming new Children’s Bedding Collection in stores all over the United Kingdom.

This amusing new collection,  reflects Emma’s popular original pottery designs depicting these themes.

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Introducing The Fine Bedding Company’s New Breathable Duvets


Have you ever considered how significant the breathability of a duvet is for ensuring quality sleep?

Well specialists claim that extra breathability provides an improved night’s sleep, which is why the sleep specialists have developed their best breathable duvet to date – which uses smart climate control, to regulate the body’s temperature for an excellent night’s sleep. Aptly named Breathe!

The ExpertsSay :

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Curtains By Kylie Can Create A Luxurious Look In Your Home

Iliana Curtains

Curtains by Kylie have introduced the dazzling ILIANA curtains, created from luxurious soft velvet to generate a feel of luxury and add a distinctive touch of Kylie glamour to rooms in the house.

The Kylie ILIANA curtains in our picture are lined and all set to hang, and immediately transform your home, into a lush and warm safe haven, that no one would wish to leave.

In addition to living rooms, these curtains would delightfully compliment Kylie’s newest collection of luxury bedding, especially designed and available in stores for Valentine’s Day.

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Luxurious British Made Blankets And Teddies Fit For A Prince

Liberty Born Blankets

A range of delightfully finished baby blankets and soft teddy bears in cashmere from Scarlet & Argent are just right for a Royal Prince.

The Liberty Born Blanket is woven with sumptuously light and exceptionally soft Merino lambs wool and sure to keep your babe warm and comforted. The blankets are also trimmed with Liberty fabric in blue, providing a distinctive touch for your cherished little one. Available in 2 sizes: priced at pram: £90 or cot: £105.

Also Merrythought the only remaining UK teddy bear factory has produced a beautiful limited edition teddy bear in white cashmere.

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Darcey Bussell’s Ballerina Bedding For Budding Ballerinas

Darcey Bussell Classical Patchwork Bedding

Darcey Bussell the former principal ballerina has launched a charming collection of Ballerina bedding for little girls who dream of being a ballerina.

So you can now encourage your budding ballerina with Classical Patchwork or Tiny Ballerina bedding.

Both bedding designs are available as double and single quilt cover sets and housewife pillowcases, in soft pink pastel colours, with a touch of blue and lilac.

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The New Little White Cloud Merino Wool Bedding Collection

Cashmere Duvet

The White Cloud brand has introduced its Little White Cloud collection, which consists of baby and children’s products made from the high quality New Zealand wool it is renowned for.

Their Merino fleece woollen baby rugs are luxuriously soft, 100% natural, hypoallergenic and odour repelling.

Natural wool moderates the body’s temperature so that the rugs offer a comfortable and calm mat on which baby can squirm, wriggle and sleep!

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Emilia: And So To Bed’s Elegant New Upholstered Bed.

Introducing ‘Emilia’, And So To Bed’s elegant new upholstered bed that offers comfort with great style:

The new bed has a contemporary feel, while being attractively proportioned with a stylish upholstered base and a high buttoned headboard.

It is available upholstered in a selection of fifteen different company fabrics, or in a material provided by the customer.

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Kylie Introduces A New Spring/Summer Bedding Collection

Kylie has introduced a new Spring/Summer Collection of bedding, which is more appealing than ever.

There is a choice of eight different designs to ensure there is something to suit everybody who desires a little Kylie style for their bedroom.

The new designs include: Misha Allegra, Evangeline, Cassia, Felicity, Pearl Pleat, Leopard and Ria.

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Flannel Bed Sheets Are Back In Favour

Debenhams latest sales figures have shown that flannel bed sheets are becoming really popular again, as they were during World War II, when millions of British people were kept warm by them.

Demand for bed linen consisting of naturally warm and cosy fabric is rising quickly, due to the current expensive heating bills, according to Debenhams the high street store.

So flannel sheets are now selling more than many silk varieties, which have for some time been regarded as vital for seduction achievement in the bedroom.

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Harlequin Introduces Two Stunning New Bedlinen Designs

Harlequin has recently been working with Bedeck, a leading UK manufacturer of luxuriant bedlinen, to create its own brand of luxury bedlinen and accessories.

In response to the success of preceding collections, Harlequin is to introduce two fresh designs in Spring next year.

Modified from two striking patterns from the current Impasto collection, the new bedlinen is offered in a range of duvet cover sizes, with matching pillowcases.

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