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Mira Showers Launches Showers For The Digital Era

Mira Platinum

Mira Platinum

Introducing the Mira Showers collection of digital showers, which bring the latest technological advances into your bathroom, combined with style, precision and flexibility.

This smart range of automated showers offer wireless controllers that enable you to choose your preferred flow and temperature settings before you enter the shower.

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Experience Holistic Showering With Crosswater’s Rio Revive

Rio Revive Shower

Most of us are able to see colour, but are you aware that you can also feel it?   – Light comes to us in many diverse frequencies and wavelengths that strike the retina, which interprets these unseen “vibrations” to your brain as a different colour.

Early Chinese, Greek and Egyptian civilizations, aware that very little grows devoid of light, speculated that the various colours that form visible light had separate ability, to influence our emotions and the structure of the body.

So today, many people acknowledge chromotherapy – the varying of coloured light, as a useful holistic healing system.

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Ceramtherm 100 Dual Shower Set Launched By Ideal Standard


Ideal Standard, a principal designer of pioneering bathroom solutions, has introduced their new Ceratherm 100 Dual shower set.

The exposed German engineered thermostatic bar valve offers a most important development in shower technology.

The Ceratherm 100 Dual shower set’s slim and stylish form includes three key advances:

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‘Touch by Triton’ – The Shower With Latest Touch Technology

Triton the leading UK shower makers have launched ‘Touch by Triton’, a smart electric shower that employs the most recent touch technology.

The ‘Touch by Triton’ includes the very latest touch screen equipment, which we have become familiar with in using our smart phones and iPads.

This newest addition to Triton’s shower range, easily replaces a current electric shower unit, to create the definitive showering experience.

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The Multishower Galant 6 L Pusle Eco Shower From Greenstamp

Greenstamp has introduced the Multishower Galant 6 L Pusle Eco Shower – an innovative shower-head that decreases the quantity of water the shower uses, while still providing a satisfying shower experience.

The Pulse Eco Shower works by producing an inaudible pulse 30-40 times a second, reducing water use by 40 -60%. It has the equivalent effect of manually turning the water on and off 30 – 40 times a second, while maintaining the temperature, pressure and comfort of a normal shower, but utilizing the smallest quantity of water possible. The head is also adjustable enabling you to select between strong jets, soft, large drops, or a massage jet that pulsates rapidly. The Multishower consumes only 6 ltrs of water a minute, compared to a a gravity type shower using 8-9 ltrs a minute, or a power shower at 18-25 ltrs a minute.

It is simple to install, by unscrewing your current shower-head and replacing it with the Pusle Eco Shower head. Priced at £29.95.

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Merlyn Launches The Seamless UV Bonded Collection

Merlyn Showering has launched the UV Bonded Collection for 2013, which is an innovative new range that dispenses with corner brackets, to enable users to benefit from a completely clear outlook when showering.

The UV Bonded selection combines special UV technology with high tech fitting to give a unique frameless bond, which is right “on trend” for the coming year and ideal for creating a minimalist look.

The glass may look like it is suspended in mid-air but in reality, the heavy glass panels are seamlessly joined together with a clear bond that is in fact tougher than the glass used.

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Bathstore’s Products For The Home Spa Experience

Bathstore's Freestanding Lagoon Bath

Looking to reproduce the look and experience of bathrooms in the world’s most expensive hotels?

Then let Bathstore the leading UK bathroom retailer, provide the solution from its extensive range of products to help you achieve your dream:

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Impey Showers New Wet Rooms For Anywhere In The Home

The 1200mm Aqua-Screen Pure

Impey Showers has introduced new wet rooms suitable for anywhere in the home on any floor, in a corner closet or a spacious attic.

These new wet rooms are incredibly adaptable, offering far more flexability than the average shower enclosure and supply an invigorating showering experience.

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‘Hide & Seat’ – Latest Innovation For The Shower Space

Roca's ‘Hide & Seat’

Storage space is becoming a very important issue for many people who need to maximise the use of the space available in the bathroom.

Roca has responded to this situation, by developing Hide & Seat, a shower space, which includes seating and storage built-in to the acrylic shower tray, to provide an all-in-one solution:

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New Chromotherapy Sky Shower From Bathrooms International

Bathroom International's New Chromotherapy Shower

Bathrooms International has introduced their new and delightfully luxurious Chromotherapy Sky shower. Launched this spring the therapeutic shower is perfect for re-energising as well as soothing and enhancing your mood. Let the blasts of coloured water bring back your good mood in this virtual haven in your own home. Choose a vibrant red for energy, green to create balance and blue for the ultimate in relaxation. Use the Chromotherapy Sky Shower’s remote control to adjust the settings and let your worries wash away with the water.

Featured here is the Sky Shower Chromotherapy with blade 700x380mm 700x380mm. Shower priced from £3,800 +VAT.

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