Wooden Floors for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Cabreuva real wood flooring in a bathroom

Now that the Uk has fallen out of love with bathroom carpets – what are the alternatives? Well, there’s vinyl, tiles or stone – but not wood.

Suggest wooden floors in a bathroom and you’re likely to be met with much sucking of teeth. “Oooh I wouldn’t do that – you’ll get shrinkage or cupping, gapping or splitting. It’s the humidity you see…”

But now, Italian company Listone Giordano claim to have found a solution – by combining a fine hardwood layer with a marine birch ply support base. Listone Giordano say that this is more stable and durable than any other hardwood floor on the market, and they’re so confident, they’re even recommending it for installation in bathrooms and kitchens.

The range includes 15 species of timber (the picture is of Cabreuva), available in several hardwearing finishes.

Prices start from £51 per square metre.

web: http://www.listonegiordano.com
tel: (0800) 234 6866

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