Retro Style Herringbone Flooring Launched By Wickes

Wickes an established brand name within the UK DIY Market, has recognized Herringbone Wood flooring as a very strong new trend for Winter 2012.

Herringbone flooring was fashionable in the Edwardian era, when it was a luxury for some and conventionally made with solid wood.
But now, Wickes new easily laid identical product makes this tasteful look available to all homeowners.
This retroactive trend for chevron-led patterns in style, has now been switched to our homes due to the resurgence of Herringbone flooring.

Tips For Herringbone flooring.

  • A herringbone floor can identify the focus of your dining room as the classic V-shape attracts your eye to the main feature in a room, such as a feature fire place, or an impressive dining table.
  • Herringbone floors can be used to produce an imposing first impression in a hall, as the chevron effect stretches any space, creating the impression of a larger room.
  • Introduce an opulent feel into a bedroom with herringbone flooring and the soft, charming outline will evoke the retro charm of grand Edwardian homes, while also producing a clean and bright contemporary look.
  • The tiles can be fitted in each direction making them totally easy to use.
  • There is an option to add creativity by customizing your own exclusive pattern?

Wickes new Herringbone Natural Oak Engineered Wood flooring is available in store, on the website.
Tel: (0845) 274 1000

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