Retro-Chic Patterns With New Kährs Wood Flooring Range

Palazzo RovereWood Flooring.

Kährs have introduced new retro-chic wood flooring options that unite classic styles with modern construction benefits; the new floors offer symmetrical designs and striking finishes to make any room come alive.

Pattern options include Dutch box repeats, industry parquet, multi-strips and ship’s deck boards, all offered in a range of wood types and finishes.

Kährs patterned floors are distinct from traditional patterned floors, in that they are laid as one plank and the boards are joined together with a glueless Woodloc® joint.

Kährs collections wood options include oak, walnut and poplar, with natural satin, matt lacquer, nature oil, stained, brushed and bevelled finishes.

All floors feature Kährs eco-friendly multi-layered structure, which uses hardwood down to the joint only, with fast-growing timber below.

This design, along with Kährs Woodloc® joint, provides 75% greater stability than a solid floor, eliminates gapping and promotes fast installation.

All designs are suitable for installation with underfloor heating and patterned options – spanning a range of budgets – are included within Kährs Linnea, Supreme Elegance, Supreme Avenue and European Renaissance Collections.

Board sizes include 2426 x 198.5 x 15mm; 2200 x 270 x 15mm; 1900 x 190 x 15mm and 1225 x 193 x 7mm.

For more information on Kährs extensive range of wood floors, please visit the website.

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