Improve Your Well-being – Bring the Outside Inside

Improve Your Well-being – Bring the Outside InsideIn today’s chaotic world a sense of peace and harmony is more important than ever. Our environment has a considerable impact on how we think and feel and the right surroundings have the ability to help us relax, rest and refocus.

All these things enable us to be more productive, creative and improve our problem solving capabilities. So what better time than spring to freshen up a home or work environment.

A great way to create a naturally comfortable and serene environment is to get more in touch with nature.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on how to introduce a little of the outside, inside:

Not only do plants energise a bland room, they’re proven to help reduce stress and absorb toxins.
So why not harness the mood-boosting power of gardening and make the most of your indoor space with an indoor window herb garden.

You may wonder how you can bring running water indoors, but there are some amazing minimalist indoor water fountains, which can be the perfect answer.

Not only will an indoor water feature be visually stunning, but also it is believed that water has natural healing properties.

With the ability to transform our emotions and heal our bodies, smell is one of the most powerful senses. So with this in mind you could introduce a little aromatherapy at work or home to soothe, uplift, energise, relax or even stimulate the body.

Real Wood
A real wood floor is one of the biggest natural statements you can make in a room and the warm, natural tones and texture of wood emulate the outdoors.

The variation in styles and colours of wood flooring is now greater than ever. Take a look at wood flooring from1926 Trading Co for some great examples at prices that won’t break the bank.

Featured here is their Karhs Wood Flooring (Kahrs Walnut Atlanta, City – American Naturals Collection).

One of the great things about the outside is natural light and in the darker months of the year, you may find the lack of light is affecting your mood.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights are two great ways to encourage every beam of natural of light into a room. If you look out to a green space or garden, large windows will create the illusion that the outside is part of the inside.

So there you have it, five simple ways to bring a little more of the outside in and make indoors a more inspiring and positive environment.


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