Forbo’s Flotex Flooring Combats Bedroom Allergies

Indoor allergies are increasing, and apparently the most likely place to suffer an allergic effect, is the bedroom, since 41% of allergy sufferers claim that their symptoms increase when there.

Indoor allergies are initiated by house dust mites, pets or mould and because the average person comes in contact with over 2 million dust mites while in bed, it’s hardly surprising that allergens are often widespread in bedrooms.

In response to this situation, Forbo Flooring has developed its ground-breaking Flotex flooring, which helps reduce allergens and syptoms in the bedroom.

  • Flotex provides all the comfort and warmth of textile flooring, as well as the washable and durable characteristics of a hard-wearing floor, plus the Seal of Approval from Allergy UK, for extra peace of mind.
  • Flotex is available in a variety of stylish designs, including lively colours, striking patterns, fashionable tile and natural wood effects.
  • There are design schemes to suit all tastes, from delicate neutrals for adults rooms, to bright colour pops for a child’s bedroom.

Allergy sufferers often have to steer clear of textile flooring for their bedroom, but Flotex offers them a great choice, with the assurance that it helps in reducing allergen levels in their home.

Flotex prices start from £24.99/m 2 .

For further information on Forbo’s Flotex Flooring, or for your nearest stockist, visit the website.

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