Bespoke Hardwood Floors

Bespoke Hardwood Floors Since 1995, Walking on Wood craftsmen have designed and installed custom-made parquet wood flooring and herringbone parquet flooring for interior designers, architects, construction companies and home-owners.

They specialize in bespoke, hand-made, parquet wood flooring that is tailored to each client’s style, requirements and budget.

Walking on Wood’s parquet wood flooring is found in townhouses, country residences, museums, hotels, restaurants and boutiques around the world.

On the newly designed website, the photos galleries show bespoke, classic modern, contemporary, traditional, exotic, country and commercial – actual floors, designed and installed for clients, many of them high profile.

The Timber Collection on the website, illustrates timber and patterns in different colours, which have been developed for clients over the years. They are constantly evolving, as Walking on Wood continues to innovate and seek solutions to specific clients’ requirements.

  • The company lays well-known patterns, including Versailles, Herringbone, Chevron and Basket-weave, create individual patterns, and work with clients to design parquet wood flooring that combines wood with leather, carpet, steel and glass.
  • They select the best possible partners to ensure that their parquet wood flooring co-exists with sound-proofing systems, under-floor heating and new concrete floors.
  • Easy-to-use maintenance products are recommended for oiled or varnished floors, to preserve the quality of the floor throughout its lifetime.

The Walking on Wood products can be seen in their showrooms in Chelsea, Kensington and Nottinghill in London.

To view the spectacular parquet wood flooring designs and colours, please visit the website.

Tel: (020) 7243 1409 (Nottinghill)

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