Bamboo Flooring Company’s Tough Woven Bamboo Flooring

Now that winter is here, we all want to ensure the house is efficiently heated during the next few colder months.

So if you are considering installing underfloor heating, the Bamboo Flooring Company offers a range of stunning products that are appropriate for use with this type of heating, such as their Uniclic Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring.

The clever Uniclic patented system in these products, not only permits you to conserve the warmth in the home, but also comes in a variety of cosy colours, to ensure your home feels snug throughout the year.

Featured here is the Burgundy Solid Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Uniclic, priced from £28.69m.

This flooring solution is offered in several diverse styles.

  • Rustic Solid Strand Uniclic Woven Bamboo Flooring from £29.32m.
  • Cocoa Solid Strand                    “                “                   from £28.69m.
  • Carbonised Solid Strand           “                “                  from£27.55m.
  • Natural Solid Strand                 “                “                  from £27.55m².
  • Tiger Solid Strand                      “                “                 from £28.69m².

Bamboo is one of the toughest natural materials to be had for flooring, making it a brilliant alternative to hard wood.

From ultra modern through to more traditional styles, bamboo flooring will provide you with a really distinctive look.

Bamboo a very eco friendly product for floors, since it is a fast growing grass that   can be cropped every 5 years unlike most woods every 15-25 years.

Visit the website for further information, or to see the complete Bamboo Flooring Company’s Uniclic Strand Woven collection.

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