The New Slim-line Easyrod From Stairrods (UK)

 The New Slim-line Easyrod From Stairrods (UK) The new slim-line Easyrod from Stairrods (UK) is for home-owners looking to add both style and value to their property, on a tight budget.

At around just £8.80 each, it will cost just over £100 to transform a typical 13-step staircase with these smart stair rods.

The uniquely designed Easyrod bracket is versatile; it caters for both fitted stair carpets and runners and for both straight and winding stairs.

Simple to fix in just minutes, the Easyrod creates an affordable, attractive decorative feature at the heart of the home:

The Easyrod emulates the look of a classic stair rod with its acorn finials and polished metal finish.

The 9mm (3/8”) rod is made from anodised aluminium in one of four metal finishes: polished brass, bronze, black and chrome.

The rods are easy to maintain as they will not tarnish over time and require no polishing, simply an occasional wipe clean.

Each rod is made to measure to ensure the perfect fit for each staircase.

Fitting Easyrods is a simple do-it-yourself project, otherwise a local carpet fitter will oblige.

The matching brackets hold the rod firmly in place and are each attached to the stair riser by a single screw, which is provided.

Easyrods are available from most carpet stores nationwide.

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