Blacksmith Wrought Iron Stair Rods

Wrought Iron Stair Rods from Stairrods (UK)

The new range of Blacksmith wrought iron stair rods from Stairrods (UK) combines the elegance of stair rods, with the simplicity of wrought iron, to create a range of stair rods that look equally at home in a rustic period property or a modern town house.

The Blacksmith range of stair rods was created by Rodney Brittain – an acclaimed Northumbrian Blacksmith. He has created three simple shapes for the finials – Ball, Flat, and Spear. The stair rods are made from solid steel, individually beaten into shape when hot, and then allowed to cool. They are then coated to prevent rust.

The brackets are designed to cater for any thickness of carpet, making the Blacksmith stair rods as versatile as they are attractive – and suitable for runners, or fitted carpets.

Hand made Blacksmith stair rods cost £16 each, including brackets and attaching screws. They are available through John Lewis, Harrods, Allied Carpets and independent carpet retailers.

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