Bazaar Velvet’s New Rug Collections For 2013

Bazaar Velvet regularly searches the world to discover the finest rugs accessible for their customers and this year has been no different.

Their new 2013 collections are amazing and are expected to suit every taste and fashion going:

From the brilliant varied Rug Star Collection, to the geometric surprise of the Core Collection or the patchwork Vintage collection, there are lots to choose from.

Bazaar Velvet is fervent about contemporary rug creation and have more than 25 years’ skill at making rugs for their customers.

They offer a range of gorgeous hand knotted rugs traditionally made using only the finest silks and wools and working with several of the world’s top textile has resulted in an astonishing collection of stylish rugs, in a profusion of colour palettes and textures.

Many of the ranges can be customized by colour, size, design and texture to go well with your own distinctive setting.

Bazaar Velvet is an associate of the Good Weave establishment that makes sure that child labour is not involved in their rug production. Priced from £350/sq m.

Visit the website for more information and to view Bazaar Velvet’s extensive ranges of beautiful rugs, go to the website.

Tel:   (02077) 369693

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