Let it Shine with Stone Flooring from Devon Stone

 Let it Shine with Stone Flooring from Devon Stone  Create lighter, brighter interiors next Spring with polished stone flooring from Devon Stone.

High-sheen surfaces will continue to be a key interior trend for Spring/Summer 2011.

It’s all about achieving a smooth, slick, shiny finish, whether it’s lacquered kitchen cabinetry or high-gloss furniture pieces.

When it comes to shiny stone finishes, one might first consider Marble or Granite; but in reality, most stones can be polished to create a shiny, sleek finish.

The picture shown is Limestone, more popularly available in a flat, ‘honed’ finish. Jura Grey.

Priced from £55.38/ square metre.

The process involves grinding the upper surface of the stone, followed by a buffing stage, which leaves a glossy, polished finish.

The resulting product appears shiny because the particles contained within, reflect the light more easily.

This reflection of light around a room is a great way of achieving a lighter, brighter interior.

And it’s a common mis-conception that shiny surfaces are necessarily more slippery; providing you minimise surface water, a polished floor will be no more slippery than a honed finished floor.

Devon Stone offers one of the finest ranges of stone for flooring, walling and exterior projects, on the market today.

With 2 showrooms in Devon that service the whole of the UK, you can enjoy beautiful, luxurious flooring in your home, with full installation and a supportive after sales service.

A new ‘look book’, full of inspirational lifestyle photography and ideas, for using stone in all areas of your home is available to order at:  rhutchins@blueyonder.co.uk

For more information about Devon Stone’s fine ranges of stone for flooring , please visit the website.

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