Lapicida’s New Antique English Stone Collection

Lapicida's Antique English Stone Collection

Lapicida is famous for their antique floors and their new ‘Antique English’ collection presents the most interesting of the UK’s traditional national stones.

Lapicida also supplies stone internationally.

Many of the stones are extremely rare, such as the 19th Century Limestone floor recovered from the Bishop’s Palace in Ripon; as seen in our picture, it is composed of square tiles and has an unusual ecclesiastical design also found in Durham Cathedral.

From Yorkstone and Purbeck to Blue Lias, Britain’s wonderful native stones have been used in historic buildings for centuries.

Reclaimed and restored, they have a lustrous patina, resulting from the passage of time making them amongst the most sought-after for flooring projects.

Lapicida’s services expand far beyond supplying the stone:

  • The company’s custom-cut service, converts random flagstones into regularly sized pieces without affecting their beauty.
  • Reclaimed stone comes in uneven sizes and thicknesses that are not best suited for modern homes.
  • If required, stone can be hand-selected to achieve a precise range of colour.
  • Another element of Lapicida’s bespoke service, combines different native stones into exceedingly decorative patterned floors as required.

Prices for Lapicida’s ‘Antique English’ Collection start from £180 (inc. VAT) per square metre.

Please visit the website to view Lapicida’s spectacular gallery of competed natural stone installations.

The new London showroom opens on Kings Road in Spring 2012.

Tel:  (01423) 400 500

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