MEISSEN® Architecture: Elegant Luxury Interiors That Last

 MEISSEN® Architecture: Elegant Luxury Interiors That Last  Meissen is launching a range of Architectural tiles; at the moment 40 different colours are available and they plan to have 60 different shades at a later date.

The technological origin of “Meissen® Architecture” is the world’s largest ceramic mural “Procession of Princes” in the city of Dresden, pictured here.

It was made in 1904-1907 and consists of 25.000 single elements juxtaposed with no fuge and exposed to weather and frost for over 100 years.

The MEISSEN® porcelain material used for MEISSEN® Architecture elements, has a prominent technological advantage compared to conventional industrial tiles and mosaic: it is 100% waterproof.

Therefore it is ideally suited for kitchens, bathrooms and spas – in private villas and commercial or corporate luxury environments.

Based on this technology MEISSEN® has now created a contemporary programme for architects, with different styles:

Minimalism, Royally opulent, Trends, Ornaments and refinement, Textures and Romanticism.

Visit the MEISSEN website to view this exciting new range of tiles.

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