Transform Your Home For Less Using Tiles Creatively

Transform Your Home For Less Using Tiles CreativelyFired Earth is widely acknowledged as the UK’s authority on tiles from around the world. The company’s carefully sourced ranges are both distinctive and timeless. But it’s worth noting that Fired Earth has a number of very affordable tile collections within its range- for example:

On The Wall
With clean, classic lines and an elegant structural style, the Architecture range can create versatile designs, with the clever use of different sizes in patterned combinations, or by mixing the gloss and matt finishes.
From 53p per tile.

The contemporary feel of the Retro Metro range, takes its influence from the 1920s. The rectangular shape and subtle colours of these tiles offer a real modernity and stylised finish to a room.
74p per tile.

The Costero collection is a restrained palette of six evocative colours from the coast of Spain, with subtle blue greys and shades reminiscent of bleached beaches and pebbles fired onto an almost luminescent white body. £1.05 per tile.

On The Floor
Where some terracotta is predominantly light and others dark, San Genis in our picture, combines light and dark clays in a sometimes-dramatic swirling finish. Hardly surprising, then, that this extruded tile is often thought to be handmade. £3.20 per tile.

Travertino tiles look so like natural travertine but are, in fact, porcelain, complete with unfilled holes and veins. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference, so you get the best of both worlds, with a stunning look that’s easy to care for. From £6.35 per tile.

Each Fired Earth showroom has knowledgeable staff on hand, to offer advice and ensure that customers choose the tiles that are right for them.
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