Introducing Period Tiles From TheVintage Floor Tile Company

The Vintage Floor Tile Company specialise in restoring and refurbishing a stunning choice of vintage floor tiles.

The Company offers  a gorgeous choice of resfurbished tiles from the Edwardian and Victorian periods, suitable for both interior and exterior use.

The company’s remarkable product range includes geometric, encaustic, and quarry tiles that are restored by hand individually, with scrupulous care and attention.

Established from an awareness of the lack of dealers in period floor tiles, this well-established company now claims to have the biggest collection in the UK.

Original distinctive tiles provide many advantages:

They not only improve the look of a space with their beauty and wear from earlier use, but are also of higher quality compared with today’s mass produced tiles, making them a hard-wearing alternative that will survive for many years.

These tiles are recovered from all kinds of properties such as cathedrals and churches and often bring a story with them, which tends to add interest.

Also importantly, due to their recycled character, they are an eco friendly and sustainable choice.

Quarry tiles were developed in the 19th century, are linked to the arts and crafts movement and used in halls, kitchens and service quarters in many houses.

The tiles were manufactured from fired terracotta clay or stone, with either a matte or satin finish.

The majority of quarry tiles were set in a grid design, with a variety of shapes like octagons and hexagons.

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles where the pattern is inserted into the clay prior to firing, with a carved mould, rather than due to a glaze as in many modern tiles.

Since the design is set into the tile’s body, the pattern stays accurate to the original as it wears with the passage of time.

The patterns produced were filled with slip or clay of a complementary colour, which results in an assortment of colour designs and options.

Geometric tiles are frequently used collectively, to produce striking flooring patterns as pictured here:

  • Ref: 008_IMG_0039
  • Vintage encaustic floor tiles are regularly found in Churches.
  • Priced at £1800 per m2. Concrete tiles in mosaic patterns are also stocked.

The Vintage Floor Tile Company ’s experts provide advice on design to ensure that their clients not only choose the precise tiles for their project, but also advise on the perfect type of tile and pattern according to the dimensions of the space offered.

For further information and to see the The Vintage Floor Tile Company’s entire range of beautiful period tiles, go to the website.

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