Swedish House Company’s Superbly Constructed Homes

Swedish House Company’s Superbly Constructed HomesThe timber that lies at the heart of a Swedish House Company property, comes from pine trees that grow very slowly, straight and true in the Dalarna Forests in Sweden.

In the process they produce uniquely dense, close-grained timber that can’t be beaten for structural strength; ideal for the framework for a house – a substantial, strong and stable structure.

This timber also provides the beauty of natural wood for staircases, beams, interior doors, window frames and other visible surfaces.

Warm Winters:

  • Swedish Houses are so well insulated that they heat up straight away and the heat is spread evenly throughout, so that there are no undesirable cold spots.
  • A unique heat recovery system employs an optional heat pump, which utilizes the outgoing warm air to heat the incoming air, thus providing economy in energy use and costs.

Cool In Summer:

  • High standards of insulation keep their buildings warm in winter, and keep it cool in the summer, they are designed to minimise solar gain, e.g. using glass with a protective coating to repel the heat of the sun.
  • Built in ventilation constantly circulates fresh air throughout the house, while stale air, cooking smells and excess heat are extracted.

The Swedes value things that are not only superbly designed, but also superbly constructed e.g. Swedish cars and furniture; this obsession with quality extends to every aspect of design and construction of the Swedish House Company’s homes.

The Swedish House Company are exhibiting at the Spring Self Build & Renovation Show at The Renovation Centre from 6th to 9th March.

Web: http://www.swedishhouses.com

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