Reduce Your Heating Costs With The Dimplex Quantum System

517324_num1107290Introducing the Quantum heating system from Dimplex – the award winning advanced electric space heater that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

Quantum uses up to 22% less energy and is up to 27% cheaper to run than a normal storage heater. In addition it is up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric radiator or convector system.

So your running cost savings, depending on type of property, could be up to £975, if Quantum is replacing an electric radiator or convector system, and up to £418 if it replaces a standard storage system.

Using Quantum, around 90% of your heating is produced with off-peak low cost energy, which is stored during low demand times and delivers efficient and cost-effective heat whenever needed.

This heating system is able to monitor your usage patterns and the current weather conditions, so that it learns from and adapts to them, to provide the right level of heat required.

It has an instinctive iQ control to ensure ease of operation, plus an LCD display, like central heating, to enable you to pre-set your required heating needs.

The system also benefits from a very rapid heating-up time and a soft-start, ultra-quiet fan to ensure minimum noise levels.

Quantum presents a compact and stylish design, making it ideal for any room size. It is quick and easy to install, in just around 45 minutes. Each heater carries a 10 year guarantee.

Dimensions Height: 730mm; Width: 703mm; Depth 185mm.

Priced at £530 each, plus installation.

For more information about the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heating system, go to the website.

Tel: 0844 879 3588.

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Roca Launches Their Updated Gap-N Bathroom Storage In On-trend Finishes

004_05385_00Roca has announced the updating of their Gap-N range of bathroom furniture in the most recent trend finishes.

The Gap-N furniture will add a stylish makeover for any bathroom and is now available in either Textured Wood or Gloss White, as well as the already popular Grape Matt finish and offers an ideal storage solution for all tastes.

This furniture ensures that everything has its own space even in very busy bathrooms.

The Gap-N furniture range provides a base unit in a selection of widths, so that it will fit seamlessly into any bathroom small or large.

Features include:

The plumbing work for the basin is discreetly hidden.
The units have one or two drawers, each roomy enough for storing toiletries and towels.

The drawers have a linen interior, with a soft feel, while streamlined handles make them easy to open and provide an elegant finish.

The unit is perfect for mounting on the wall in a corner, or between the washbasin and the WC.

004_05387_00The Gap-N collection also offers a matching 1200mm tall unit, in the same selection of finishes and colours, with four easily cleaned shelves and the door can be hinged to open on either the right or left, to allow maximum flexibility when positioning the furniture.

For further information and to view the extensive ranges of Roca bathroom furniture, visit the website.

Tel: 01530 830080

About Roca

Roca specialises in the design and production of bathroom products, including wall coverings and ceramic floorings for architecture, construction and interiors.

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Smartfrog’s Simple New Home Security System

Smartfrog_Application area
Smartfrog has introduced an affordable surveillance solution with a camera and video storage, (including a free App for iOS and Android), to enable users to have a 24/7 surveillance of their homes or businesses, by means of their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Smartfrog’s Cam is easily set up for use in just 5 minutes – you just download the App, register and connect the Smartfrog Cam to the power and Wi-Fi.

In addition to checking your home at any time, the Cam can also become a baby monitor with night vision, plus the ability to check in on your elderly parents, or keep an eye on your pets at home.

Whenever a movement or a sound is recorded, the user will immediately be alerted via an email, or notification via their mobile device.

Furthermore, Smartfrog can make use of old smartphones, laptops and webcams as additional cameras, since users are permitted to connect up to ten cameras altogether to the system.

Smartfrog CamOther features:
Alarm function.
Notification system.
Two-way audio.
Night vision.
8x zoom.
Time-lapse video, allows users to review the whole day in just five minutes.
All data transferred is SSL-encrypted, (like online banking) and stored in an ISO-verified top -security data centre.

Cost: The complete package, including the Smartfrog Cam, starts at £4.95 per month and no minimum contract term; includes continuous monthly video storage, from the previous 24 hours.

Note: There were 789,000 reported burglaries in England in 2014.

For further information about Smartfrog’s New Home Security Solution, go to the website.

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Enjoy a Barbecue Any Time of Year With Arctic’s Barbecue Cabins

Siviter Cabin WarwickshireIntroducing the unique Barbecue Cabins from Arctic, to be enjoyed even when summer is over.

A barbecue cabin could be just what we need to help us pass the long, cold dark evenings ahead.

Imagine you, your family and friends, all cosy and warm, enjoying a roaring fire inside your cabin; the steaks are sizzling and the mulled wine is warming and it’s all happening in your own garden!

Barbecue cabins were inspired by traditional Kotas (like tepees), lived in by the Sami people of Northern Lapland.

The main benefit of owning a barbecue cabin, is that it permits you to enjoy our unreliable British weather, come sunshine, rain, snow or gales, you can beat the elements and use your garden.

Christmas Party in a barbecue cabinAll cabins are manufactured from Scandinavian timber making them both durable and sustainable; the weather conditions here cause the wood to be denser and therefore stronger; ideal for constructing cabins.

Cabins can be either hexagonal or octagonal in shape, in a choice of sizes from 10 – 25 meters square. The 10-meter cabin is most popular, as they are suitable for most gardens; they seat fifteen people and sleep three.
They also have adjustable benches, making them suitable for sleepovers too.

Another benefit to having a barbecue cabin is that it is not likely that you will need planning permission, as
you will usually be able to install the cabin under ordinary planning regulations.

Featured here is the Siviter Barbecue Cabin, a 10 meter barbecue cabin made by Arctic Cabins that seats 15 and sleeps 3. Priced at £7750.

Arctic Cabins are based in Derbyshire and have been producing barbecue cabins for over 12 years and able to advise about living with a cabin and how they make a great extension to your home.

Visit the website for more information and to view Arctic Cabin’s comprehensive range of BBQ cabins, garden offices and summerhouses.

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Surface View Introduces Woodland Fables – A New Image Collection

516386_num1106150Woodland Fables is Surface View’s latest image collection, which combines popular children’s stories against nature’s backdrop, with fairy-tale characters and imposing forest scenes.

This collection, features classic characters from The British Library, such as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit and Red Riding Hood, while Shakespeare’s Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, are provided by the National Galleries of Scotland.

There are also shadowy images from the Museum of London of Kensington Gardens that present a beautiful yet eerie feeling.

The images transport you to places of magic and danger, such as fantastic silhouetted prints presenting Rumpelstiltskin type characters, to Arthur Rackham’s extraordinary illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tales.


Wall Murals from £50 per sq m; Canvas Prints from £145; Birch Ply Prints from £145; Epic Posters from £60; Textile Wall Hangings from £145; Window Films from £75; Lampshades from £85 and Ceramic Tiles from £480 per sq m.

About Surface View

The enchantingly beautiful imagery that forms Surface View’s comprehensive collections come from eclectic sources; the images are then digitally remastered, retaining their distinctive character and ensuring first class image quality.
The images are printed onto a variety of products to the customer’s requirements, in a size to suit any situation.

Visit the website for more detailed information on Surface View’s stunning image collections and products.


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New Scan 65 Wood Burning Stove Range Launched By Jøtul

513449_num1102771Jøtul’s latest Scan 65 wood burning stove range is medium sized, with a big glass door and provides unlimited choices to improve any setting.

The Scan 65 delivers exceptional efficiency and is the perfect example of form and function, working in harmony together.

Scan 65’s have an exceptional soft close door arrangement, which is standard on all models, that allows you to close the door without turning a handle; as well as a choice of side windows, or solid sides, aluminium or black handles/trim, Sandstone or Soapstone clad and an integral bake oven model.

All models benefit from Jøtul’s excellent clean Scan burning system!

The model choices include:

Scan 65-1 Solid sides; Scan 65-2 Side windows; Scan 65-3 Sandstone/ Soapstone with no side windows.
Scan 65-4 Soapstone/Sandstone with side windows; Scan 65-5 Bake oven with solid sides.
Scan 65-6 Bake oven with side windows; Scan 65-6 High Top.
Size: 1131H x 490W x 380D (except the Scan 65-6 bake oven with 200mm extra height).

Heat Output: 3- 8kW.

Efficiency: 79/82%.

513449_num1102772All of the stoves have been approved for burning wood in DEFRA smoke control areas.
Max Log Length: 33cm.

Finish: Black or Grey Paint.

Prices start from £1550 inc VAT. (Scan 65-1).

For more information and to view the entire range 0f Jøtul’s log burning stoves, go to the website.


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Scion’s First Collection of Wallpapers And Fabrics For Kids

512371_num1101817British company SCION, well known for its trendy yet reasonably priced designs, has now produced an exciting range of fabrics and wall papers, designed especially for children and the young at heart.

Scion has a reputation for ‘Fun, young and funky’ designs and the new Guess Who? range is no exception!

Guess Who? presents themes that are imaginative and light hearted, from great days out with kids, such as visit to the zoo; featuring lots of bold stripes, fanciful animals, funky florals and playful patterns, which are all available in co-ordinating wallpapers and fabrics.

The inspiring ‘Hello Dolly’ presents all the fashionable hairstyles and the ‘Toodle Pip’ voile, is just the thing for decorating a young fashion enthusiast’s bedroom. Compliment it with the ‘Lots of Dots’ wallpaper to give a hand-crafted look.

Also available are:

512371_num1101825The cheerful ‘Splish Splash’ and ’April Showers’ wallpapers and fabrics, featuring striking rainbow-coloured raindrops.

The ‘Letters Play’ design is fun as well as educational.

‘Blooming Lovely’ presents retro floral cottons and the ‘Jelly Tot Stripe’ design inspired by deckchairs.

Guess Who? is launching this month and will be obtainable through many stockists both in the UK and abroad.

For more information about SCION’s new collections of fabrics and wallpapers for kids, visit the website.

Tel: +44 (0) 845 123 6815.

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The Island Furniture Co Brings Affordable Rococo Furniture To The Bedroom

Versailles Gold Chaise Longue in French WhiteThe Island Furniture Co is a leading supplier of top quality furniture in solid mahogany, using long-established hand-craft skills and finishes.

Their fine furniture offers something rather different; well made, classical baroque and statement pieces, that provide reasonably priced luxury for the home.

This Collection includes:

The Versailles Gold Framed Chaise, with French Renaissance influences, which is hand carved from solid mahogany, and hand polished to a delightful satin patina, with intricately applied gold leaf.

Upholstered in ivory brushed velour with carved detail, this gorgeous chaise emanates a sense of opulence and French allure that is sure to compliment many different bedrooms.£659.

Versailles Estee Bed in Gold LeafThe Versailles Estee Bed inspired by the French furniture (circa 1745) of the Louis XV period, is a magnificent hand-carved bed in mahogany.

It features a beautifully carved head and footboard, a wonderful satin patina with gold leaf like the chaise, and upholstered in brushed velvet with diamond tufting. This impressive bed will make a real statement in any setting.
Available as a Double bed – 4ft 6in at £985.

Louis Xv Gold Leaf Bedside - With marble topThe opulent Louis XV Bedside Table, finished in 8 karat gold leaf with a marble table top, would provide a superb finishing touch to a rococo bedroom. £345.

For further information about The Island Furniture Co’s Rococo furniture collection go to the website.

Tel: 0800 056 7820

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Duette’s Innovative Heat Resistant Blinds Keep Rooms Cool

Sunny days are always welcome in the UK, however, the glare of hot sunshine can prove troublesome in keeping our homes cool and preventing the fading of furniture.

Now Duette® blinds have introduced an ideal solution.

Their energy saving blinds, provide excellent insulating attributes, which keep homes warm in winter, as well as wonderfully cool in summer.

Up to 78% of the warmth of the sun is reflected by Duette blinds, which keep rooms at a comfortable and consistent temperature, thus preventing the need to use power hungry electric fans or air conditioning systems.

This is achieved by an innovative honeycomb design and a novel coating on the window side of the blind, which reflects heat and traps air.

In addition to climate control,these blinds keep out 99% of Ultra Violet rays, thus preventing the fading of wallpaper and furnishings.

These benefits make them extremely useful for rooms with large areas of glass and conservatories, which can get uncomfortably hot in summer.

image009-3Duette® blinds are available in a choice of 3 transparencies; blackout, translucent or semi- sheer and a huge range of colours, to ensure that summer rooms will not be compromised on style.

Furthermore, all of the blinds feature a total blackout choice, providing the ideal conditions for sleep, with darkness, a cool room and the reduction of outside noises by up to 45%.

For further information and to browse the wide choice of Duette Energy saving blind styles, go to the website.


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Light Up Your Bathroom With Pelipal’s LED Tone Colours


The design of today’s bathroom is changing, with the advent of LED lighting technology;
from just mirrors with fitted lighting, to shelves having novel motion sensor lighting choices.

Modern bathrooms are all about providing the maximum space for harmony and relaxation and the latest lighting ideas from Pelipal do just that.

Pelipal is well known for creating novel LED lighting products, with great functionality.

So what’s new?

Bathroom Mirrors with LEDplus, is an innovative new lighting system that includes adjustable colour temperature, which enables you to choose from 3 different tone colours: warm light, mixed or cool, on the touch of a button; so you can now enjoy the ideal light for a given task, from decorative to objective.

Bathroom lighting has fallen behind for a long time, making it an area that is now showing enormous consumer interest and desire.

Pictured here is The Balto range, which is part of Pelipal’s 2015 collection,

Also available is Pelipal bathrooms’ Tiva collection, which again presents the latest lighting concepts, to provide the ultimate space for harmony and relaxation.

For further information visit InHouse Inspired Room Design ( The company representing Pelipal in the United Kingdom.)

Tel: (01661) 842304.

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