TigerLocal.co.uk – Set to Become the Best Small Business Directory In The UK

tiger-local-screenshotDo you a regularly consult business directories online, when you need to find a quality business to suit your requirements?

Then you will be delighted to know that Excelsior Information Systems (creators of UK Home Ideas) has just created a new website – TigerLocal.co.uk.

Excelsior’s mission is to make TigerLocal the best small business directory in the UK, by providing the finest choice of quality independent businesses throughout Great Britain.

Researching small business directories on the web, Excelsior was surprised to find that there are very few sites managing to provide accurate in-depth information on local businesses.

When visiting TigerLocal.co.uk, you will find in-depth, up to date and accurate information with lots of photographs, all of which makes this website simple and fun to use and will enable you to find the quality
business you need quickly and easily.

You can conduct your search by Business Type, Town or County.

Quenton Fyfe, Excelsior’s MD commented, “Small independent businesses are diverse, vibrant and exciting, yet most online business directories are drab and boring. All too often they just list businesses, but fail to showcase what makes them interesting and unique.

We think that the detailed information and many beautiful photos on TigerLocal make it more fun to use – and ultimately more useful too.

See if you agree!”

Why not visit TigerLocal.co.uk now, to conduct a trial search of their impressive selection of quality businesses in the UK?

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