The Zoopla Advantage In UK Property Valuation

Zoopla Provides An Advantage In Property Valuation is a new property valuation website that empowers users with free information and tools, to help them make better-informed property decisions.

The key aim of Zoopla is to use the Internet to transform the property market, from simple listings to a social network – to create a totally transparent property market, where people come to buy or sell a home.

The website combines all of the freely available property details (like Land Registry, previous sale prices, local crime and school info, etc) with a social network element that allows homeowners to input individual details of their home, to find the most accurate valuation price possible.

Whether buying, selling or simply curious, Zoopla has done all the hard work, combining invaluable information for every home in the UK (over 26 million of them), with useful tools and community features, to provide a one stop resource for anyone interested in the UK property market.

Other features include:

  • TemptMe – Where people can set a price for which they might consider selling (even if their house is not for sale), to find out how much interest there is in their home.
  • Free instant current value estimates on any UK home – yours, your neighbours, friends and family.
  • Free historic sales data on over 8 million homes since 2000.
  • Free local information and statistics in any area for school results, crime and tax bands etc.
  • AskMe – Ask owners, agents and locals, the questions that really matter.
  • Make offers on any home, or list your home for sale free.


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