The Wooden Toy Shop’s Magic Activity Case For Children

Introducing the Wooden Toy Shop’s Janod Magic Activity Case – ideal for keeping your little one entertained.

Creative as well as educational this brilliant toy is sure to afford lots of enjoyment for your child.

The 4 in 1 Magic Activity Case is a box of games and a teaching aid in one package that encourages drawing, writing and learning while being great fun.

The wooden box contains a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other.

There is also another magnetic white board, for use with the brilliantly coloured magnetic number and letter blocks, plus a drawing board, ideal for writing, doodling and drawing.

The entire contents are simply stored in the case, making it a wonderful in car activity for your child.

Age: 3years + Case measures: Approx.37cm x 4cm x 30cm.


The Wooden Toy Shop offers an extensive collection of classic, traditional and modern wooden toys for children of every age, making it a delight to discover something special for that favourite child.

Wooden toys also provide many attractive benefits, such as being more eco friendly compared to modern day toys made from synthetic materials.

Furthermore they are constructed to last, so are regularly passed down to later generations, thus providing exceptional value for money and a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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