The New Definitive Information Website – AboutUnderfloorHeating

The Definitive New Information Website - AboutUnderfloorHeating  If you are considering installing Underfloor Heating and looking for the best possible information and its suitability for your property. Then you will be delighted to know that Excelsior Information Systems (the owner of UK Home Ideas) has now launched

The website offers a wealth of in depth information, to provide solutions to your queries, so that you are not only well equipped to select the best system for your property, but also to achieve the best deal for this very significant

Once you start doing research on the web, you’re likely to discover, as Excelsior did, that there is very little independent first-class information and advice on the subject out there.

Most sites belong to product manufacturers, trade bodies or other organisations with an agenda to promote.
So Excelsior embarked on a mission to generate the finest underfloor heating website in the UK, to provide an independent source of information for the underfloor heating buyer – and is the result.

Quenton Fyfe, Excelsior’s MD commented, “Because we are a publishing company rather than an underfloor heating supplier, we have no agenda, or partiality, so we can offer you an honest synopsis of the whole market, with no hidden plan, and no strings attached.”
“We have spent many months, and invested heavily in commissioning extensive, original research into the Underfloor Heating market in the UK, to enable us to bring you detailed, independent information to help inform your buying decisions.”

“Our aim is to create the highest quality, most informative websites in the UK, in each market we enter.” offers the following articles about the product, such as “Wet Underfloor Heating” and “Saving Money With Underfloor Heating”, as well as consumer advice articles like “Choosing the right Underfloor Heating” and “Installing Underfloor Heating”.

There are many more articles in development, to ensure that becomes the most comprehensive underfloor heating website available on the web.

So before making that important decision to buy a system in the UK underfloor heating market, why not prepare yourself, by reading the detailed articles on ?

As an informed consumer, you’ll be well prepared to make the best choice, and get the best deal on your underfloor heating system!
We hope you enjoy this site, and find it helpful.

If you have any comments or suggestions, Excelsior will be pleased to hear from you.

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