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InsulationWeb.co.uk – Essential Information on Home Insulation.

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The cost of heating our homes is becoming more and more expensive, due to the unremitting rise in the prices of gas and electricity.

It is now really essential that we make our homes more energy efficient to cut costs; the UK government is also committed to drastically reducing carbon emissions.

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JW Walls Launch A Custom Wall Coverings Website

The Tate Regal

A new website has been launched by JW Walls.com, offering a huge resource to enable people to produce their own customised wall coverings.

Customers can create their own unique feature wall art, or choose from an impressive collection of exclusive designer wall art, from dramatic classics and modern graphics to brilliant street art; these designs would transform any home or commercial premises into a unique space. Prices range from £110.

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TurniTable, A Splendid Solution From The Secret Play Company.

Secret Play Company's TurniTable

The TurniTable From The Secret Play Company

Space in the home is at a premium these days and we’ve become accustomed to picking our way through toys covering the entire floor surface, in any given room in our houses – that is until the launch of 

The TurniTable, a splendid solution from The Secret Play Company!

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Excelsior Launches The All-Inclusive Central Heating Web.

Home Page of Central Heating Web.

The Central Heating Web Home Page

Many of us are anxiously looking for ways to reduce energy use in our homes and lower our heating bills due to the soaring cost of energy.

Statistics show that heating our home and the hot water for domestic use, accounts for over half of the money we spend on fuel.

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Brand New Collection Of Fine Table Linen Launched

Table linen By Choose

Choose Out door Table Linen From The Monogrammed Linen Shop.

The Monogrammed Linen Shop is offering a brand new range of Choose tablelinen for outdoor use.

All of the beautiful bold and brilliant designs are just right for brightening up any al fresco meal.

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Children’s Book Illustrator, Amanda Hall Offers Giclée Prints

Amanda Hall's The Sea Witch Giclee Print

The Sea Witch - An Amanda Hall Giclee Print

Beautiful, collectable limited-edition giclée prints, by award-winning children’s book illustrator Amanda Hall, are now available from a new online gallery and shop, promoting the work of artists and designers.

These charming prints present a striking sense of design and colour and would make ideal gifts for a child’s christening, birthday or Christmas, while also appealing to adults.

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Moving House Expert, Excelsior’s New Stress Busting Website

Home page for the Moving House Expert .

The Moving House Expert Home Page.

Are you planning to move house in the near future and dreading it?

Then the comprehensive new Moving House Expert.co.uk website, recently launched by Excelsior Information Systems (publishers of UK Home Ideas), could relieve the anxiety of up-rooting and leaving a house that has been your home for some time, coupled with the endless list of things to do and arrange that makes moving such a stressful experience.

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The Tuiss Eclectic Collection Of Home Office Blinds

Roller blind - Metropolitan by Tuiss.

The Tuiss Metropolitan-roller-blind.

Home offices with room for a computer and printer have become essential in many homes, for those working from home including small business owners, freelancers etc.

Since a home office is so important in today’s homes, practical considerations such as reducing computer monitor screen glare, or shading a room from heat and sunlight, as well as offering privacy and security, means that window blinds can offer an efficient solution.

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The 1-2-3 Transform Your Home Guide Brings The Joy Of Spring Indoors

Free-online-booklet The Joy Of Flowers

Discover how to bring the joyfulness of spring indoors with flowering bulbs in pots and cut bulb flowers, by going online for a beautiful FREE online booklet created by The Flower Council of Holland (FCH).

Flower design and gardening enthusiasts can use the booklet, available exclusively from www.funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk, for inspiring ideas on how to produce attractive indoor displays with spring bulb flowers, using an assortment of traditional and contemporary containers and vases.

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Are You Selling A House And Trading Down In 2012?

Logo of Designs On property

Designs On Property Logo

If you are considering trading down to a smaller property this year, it’s likely that you’ve cleared your mortgage and wish to move to somewhere smaller locally, or perhaps nearer to family and friends.

You’ve probably owned your home for ten or more years, so negative equity isn’t a concern, nor is securing a new mortgage.

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