Haws Watering Cans Help Keep Your Garden in Bloom

Haws Watering Cans Help Keep Your Garden in Bloom Keep your garden in full bloom this summer with a traditional metal English Haws watering can; established in 1885 by John Haws, the Haws Watering Can comes in a range of styles and colours perfectly suited to each gardener’s needs.

When John Haw set about designing his watering can, his main aim was to create one that was easy to use and perfectly balanced, regardless of whether it was full, half full or empty.

Originally patented as an ‘Improved Watering Pot’, he perfected the design of the rose, so that it could water everything from seedlings to small plants and little has changed since his first creation.

Pick from the Haws traditional racing green, or more modern colours like pink, cream and red:

The Haws watering cans come in 4 main styles including the Slimcan Watering Can, the Heritage Watering Can, the Indoor Watering Can and the Longreach Watering Can. To help you choose the best watering can for your needs, there are only 5 main questions you’ll need to answer:

  • •Is the Watering Can for Indoor or Outdoor Use?
    •What do you want to use the watering can for?
    •Do you want a lightweight or heavier watering can?
    •Do you prefer a metal or plastic watering can?
    •What is your budget?

Featured here, is the Haws Heritage Watering Can (8.8 litres).
Traditional style with two hard wood handles and round brass watering spray head.
Weight when full 10.2 kg. Price: £42.58.

Choose which watering can is best suited to you, using the simple buyers guide on the Beth Stevens website at:

Web: http://www.bethstevens.co.uk/acatalog/Haws_Watering_Cans_.html
Tel: (01329) 822 212

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