Be Energy Smart And DIY Doctor Launch A Green DIY Website.

DIY Doctor the popular source of DIY information and advice in the UK, has partnered with renewable energy expert Be Energy Smart, to provide homeowners with a centre for the latest useful green DIY information.

Consumers can easily access well-researched, simple guides on the currently available renewable energy technologies, such as biomass heating, solar power PV, as well as energy efficient fixtures and insulation, to maximise their energy efficiency at home.

When users consult a particular guide in the Green Living section of DIY Doctor’s, they will find out how that technology works, how much a system costs and the amount of funding it can draw from available government schemes like the latest Green Deal.

Providing clear help on the various financial schemes offered is critical, as new legislation and initiatives are regularly introduced, which tends to confuse customers as to where they stand.

Every guide links to the Be Energy Smart easily managed home assessment tool, that not only advises consumers on the technologies that would best suit their homes, but also the amount of funding available and how long it’s liable to take the technology to pay for itself.

An important benefit of requesting an assessment from Be Energy Smart is if they want, they can be put in touch with several qualified and trustworthy local contractors, rather than needing to hunt around for a competitively priced reliable, contractor to do the work.

Since DIY Doctors and Be Energy Smart are not contractors, they can offer impartial and completely independent advice to

Both websites will never attempt to sell a technology to a consumer – their job is to provide efficient energy home solutions that do truly save consumers money.

DIY Doctor supports quality craftsmanship and endorses the Trustmark for tradesmen scheme. The website deals with all aspects of DIY as well as domestic building and even advises on how to achieve good relations with builders to ensure things go smoothly.

Be Energy Smart Ltd, founded early in 2011, aims to make clear the choices for consumers, regarding efficiency and energy savings. It has established a reputation for being astute and dedicated to assisting homeowners to save energy.

For more details and to access the latest green DIY information, go to the Be Energy Smart website.

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