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Drinkstuff's Porto Sippers Set

Planning a ‘Come Dine With Me’ party this winter, then why not treat your guests to a naughty after dinner tipple, served in the trendy bar@drinkstuff range?

The opulent Porto Decanter collection from Drinkstuff, presents the ideal utensils to enjoy the pleasant flavour of this digestif, permitting your guests to delight in the taste of the port as a true connoisseurs.

The set includes a delicate glass decanter with four branches, one for holding each of the distinctive port sipper glasses.

The conventional port sipper has a hollow stem used for drinking, which permits you to draw your port from the glass bottom, to savour the fuller flavours trapped there beyond the oxidized upper layer.

The Silver Plated Brandy Warmer with its own high quality brandy glass is for you, if you enjoy the warming flavour of a first-rate brandy liqueur.

Simply place the lit tea-light in the glass holder under the frame, then put your brandy glass on top to warm it just enough, to liberate the fragrant fumes that bestow added distinction to the drink.

This brandy warmer set would make an ideal gift for a would-be brandy connoisseur and is certain to be appreciated by brandy lovers far and wide.

The trendy Irish Coffee Glasses Gift Set is for those who favour alcohol free after dinner drinks and the glasses are just right for providing creamy coffee with a whisky kick if desired.

The glasses are heat resistant and the practical stainless steel container and handle allows you to lift up your freshly made Irish coffee with ease.

This modern gift set is supplied with stainless steel coasters plus spoon stirrers that uniquely can be used as a straw to delight in your Irish coffee.

Prices are as follows:

Porto Decanter Set – £19.99.

Silver Plated Brandy Warmer with Glass – £9.99.

Irish Coffee Glasses Gift Set -£9.99.

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