Kronos Is A Novel Japanese Range Of Contemporary Cups

Kronos1Kinto, a Japanese company with forty years of skill in designing and producing quality drink ware, tableware and kitchen accessories for the contemporary home, has launched Kronos – a new range of innovative and attractive double wall cups.

Kinto’s Kronos collection consists of a large coffee or tea cup, an espresso cup, and a drinks glass, which is just right for use with iced tea and the like.

  • In addition to making attractive drinking glasses, these novel cups can be used to serve an assortment of sweets, such as mousses, sorbets and ice-cream.
  • A luminous ring surrounds the cups, giving the impression that your drink is floating in the air.
  • The cups maintain the temperature of cold and hot drinks for a longer time, due to their construction of thermal insulated and heat-resistant glass.

Kronos2The rounded shape of the cups makes them stable and the ring provides support for your fingers, to give a secure grip. In addition, no condensation is produced, so that your table will not get wet and the cup’s inner wall is shaped to a specific angle, making it perfect for drinking from.

The glass is also both dishwasher and microwave safe.


  • Espresso cup (80 ml) £9.25,
  • Coffee/Tea Cup (200 ml) £11.50.
  • Iced Tea Cup (350 ml) £13.75.

Go to the website for more information and to browse Kinto’s unique ranges of tableware and drink ware.



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