Ikea’s Folksy Fusion Ranges For Autumn

Ikea's Folk Fusion

Inspired by crafts and customs from South America, Asia and Africa, Ikea has introduced a collection of products for autumn, which offer unexpected forms and lots of powerful patterns that generate a contemporary daring appearance full of convention and contrasts.

However, this approach is about more than tradition and handicraft, it is also about a skilful mix of colours, materials and design.

In the present industrialized world, we occasionally long for a renaissance of handicraft and folklore in our homes and natural yarns earthenware and woven fabrics help fashion this sentiment, while unusual graphic design embraces a more human element.

Ikea’s new fusion range comprises:

Rugs created and woven in time honoured ways.

Lamps, plant pots, baskets and bowls, made using natural items like rattan, paper, and bamboo and ceramics crafted in glass and iron.

Consider the colours in the room as well; earthy shades such as beige, brown and orange mix well with other colours while defying convention.

This fusion adds warmth that will convert your room so that it’s eclectic, folksy and brave.

Featured here are the PERSISK rugs, each with its own conventional Persian design and hand-knotted by craftsmen. Prices start from £99.

To Achieve the Look, begin with modern day base pieces with clean lines in black-brown, walnut and glossy white.

Then add folksy items for extra impact. fabric products such as cushions throws and rugs provide a global feel to an ordinary sofa. Ornamental pieces like baskets,plant pots and vases present craftsmanship and an affection for natural things.

For further information and to view Ikea’s bold new home interior ranges for autumn, please visit the website.

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