Hand Painted Easter Decorations From Jasmine White London

Easter Eggs 1Jasmine White has introduced its new collection of Easter decorations that present lovely colours and patterns.

There are hanging birds and eggs, in a broad selection of styles that are sure to brighten up every Easter table.

In addition there is a range of egg and chicken boxes, which are just right for hiding the essential Easter chocolates.

These pieces are produced using traditional techniques and skills, which are an essential part of Jasmine White’s business in London.

Jasmine White created her business to reflect her love for everything fragrant and fine, crafted by hand and completed to a high standard.

Supriya Broadbent, founder and designer of Jasmine White, draws her inspiration directly from her life in both the UK and India.

Production uses time-honoured skills and crafts from Indian communities, passed down over generations. This helps to preserve communities that are liable to be banished as a result of rising urbanization.

A passion for elegant design that encourages pleasure and style is at the heart of all Jasmine White products.

Jasmine White is located at 4 Fairways, 6 The Drive, London.

For more information and to view Jasmine White’s complete collection of gorgeous Easter decorations, visit the website.

Tel:   (0203) 371 0043

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