Rosendahl And Lin Utzon’s New Confetti Glassware

Rosendahl and Lin Utzon have introduced a new range of vases, bowls and votive candle-holders in colours that are a salute to nature.
The gorgeous shapes and colours in the Confetti range have turned Lin Utzon’s hand-blown glass bowls, vases and votives into collector’s items.
In the new Confetti collection, the designer has toned down the bright colours and introduced some brand-new ones; including lime, white and transparent green in new combinations.
The saturation and clarity of these colours is tempered with a discreet, soft matt finish that doesn’t prevent the colours from working in their own right; they also put nature centre-stage when flowers and twigs are put in the vases.
Lin Utzon explains the working philosophy behind her new colours and colour blends “You have to co-operate with nature and not try to bring it to heel or dominate it. This is true even if you have to start with the mild form of violence that can be inherent in taking nature out of its genuine surroundings and bringing it indoors.”

Retail prices:
Confetti bowl 18 cm  £36.95
Confetti bowl 24 cm  £54.95
Vase 16 cm £36.95
Votive 8 cm £16.95

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