Reflections of Love

 Reflections of Love Peter Layton’s Romantic Glass Designs for Valentine’s Day:

What could make a more personal Valentine’s present than a unique heart-shaped work of art, created by one of Europe’s most respected craftsmen?

Peter Layton is Europe’s pre-eminent glass designer and his trademark use of rich colours, particularly reds.

His passion for working with hot glass and his skill at creating sculptural forms, make his designs the perfect way to leave your loved one in no doubt about your feelings.

Although his finest pieces are in museums all over the world, Peter’s work is still astonishingly affordable – smaller pieces can cost as little as £40.

Apart his own work, his London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery in Bermondsey, is a treasure trove of beautiful design pieces made by several other leading glassblowers who also create their work there, so there is always a great choice of different styles.

A special Valentine’s exhibition, with all pieces for sale, will be hosted at London Glassblowing from 31st January to 14th February at 62-66 Bermondsey Street. Each design is unique, signed and totally personal.

London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery
62-66 Bermondsey Street, London Bridge, SE1 3UD.
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm Mondays to Saturdays.

Peter Layton –produces individual pieces of decorative glass in sculptural and functional forms. The work is free blown, permitting a greater degree of involvement and attention to detail than is possible on standardised production and ensuring the individuality of each piece. It is the studio’s philosophy that each object should be unique and signed by the artist.

Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Studio, is a hot glass studio focused on the creation and display of contemporary glass art. The studio has a reputation as one of Europe’s leading glassmaking workshops, with a particular flair for the use of colour, form and texture.

Visitors to The London Glassblowing Studio, can experience the heat and magic of the ancient craft of glassmaking, while watching a gather of molten glass evolve into something of value and beauty.

For further information and to view Peter Layton’s spectacular Valentine’s glass designs, please visit the website.

Tel: (020) 7403 2800

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