Rococo’s Yummy Easter Chocolate Collection 2008

Rococo’s Yummy Easter Chocolate Collection 2008 Easter at Rococo Chocolates this year comes in various tempting guises:

You can enjoy your praline filled Real Hen’s Egg, in its Jersey Pottery Rococo eggcup on Easter Morning and still have the eggcup for use the rest of the year.

Or admire your beautiful, limited edition, hand-decorated Easter egg, before temptation gets the better of you; there are three gorgeous designs, butterflies, Easter Chick and Easter Hare, all skilfully painted at the Rococo studios.

You can decorate the table with the hand-painted Easter Gentlemen Bunnies dressed in their finest attire (pictured here), their colourful coats will liven up any table.

For Easter parties and egg hunts Rococo’s foiled “Hunting Bunny” mini eggs are ideal, since the foil paper will protect the chocolate as they glitter in the garden waiting to be found.

Retail prices are as follows:

  • Hand Painted Eggs – Chick: 110g including 3 truffles and 2 Neapolitan squares £13.50 (£7.50 the shell only).
  • Leaping Hare – 180g including 6 truffles £21.95 (£15 shell only).
    Butterflies – 260g including 8 truffles £27.50 (£21 just the shell).
  • Foiled Eggs – (‘Hunting Bunny’) from £5.25 for 225g.
    Real Hen’s Eggs in Jersey Pottery Rococo Egg cup £11.50.
    Hand-decorated Easter Gentlemen Bunnies £24.95 small or £29.95 large

Please note, Easter is very early this year, March 23rd.


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