Rayburn’s Boiler Scrappage Incentive – Save up to £800

 Rayburn’s Boiler Scrappage Incentive - Save up to £800 The government is offering a £400 rebate when you replace an existing, working G-rated oil or gas boiler with a modern A-rated boiler.

But with Rayburn’s innovative boiler scrappage incentive, there are no fewer than THREE ways to save:

Rayburn’s 480CD gas condensing central heating boiler is A-rated, so if it is purchased to replace an older G-rated boiler you will qualify for the government’s scrappage rebate of £400.*

Saving 2
Rayburn is matching the government’s contribution by dropping the price of the ultra-efficient Rayburn 480CD gas central heating range cooker by £400 so that everyone can benefit – even if they’re not replacing an older boiler. That means you can now save up to £800 on a brand new Rayburn.

Saving 3
If you buy a new Rayburn now, not only could you qualify for the government’s £400 rebate and get £400 off, but you will also benefit from the fact that Rayburn is holding VAT at 15% until 29th March 2010.

For more information on the innovative A-rated Rayburn 480CD, visit the Rayburn website.

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