First Ever Electric Model Cooker Introduced By Rayburn

First Ever Electric Model Cooker Introduced By Rayburn For the first time in 65 years, Rayburn has launched an electric model of its range cooker, offering ease of use and real flexibility as it can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen.

With a powerful electric fan oven, a conventional oven, a grill and either an induction or a ceramic hob, the Rayburn Electric really is a range cooker for the 21st century:

  • The new model also features either square or dome hinged lids.
  • The induction hob has exceptional response times, automatically adjusts to the pan size and is extremely efficient.
  • The ceramic hob uses the latest infra-red technology to offer rapid heating and cooling, as well as improved controllability.
  • For ease of use and cleaning, both styles have touch-sensitive controls and a single ceramic glass cooking surface.
  • The Rayburn is well known for providing cosy warmth in the kitchen and this has been retained with their patented Warmfront technology that allows you to heat the outside of the cooker at the flick of a switch, providing the warmth the Rayburn is famous for, while using minimal energy.
  • The new model is available in six beautiful colours, including classic Cream and Black, stylish Pewter and retro Aqua.

This beautiful cooker is perfect for every style of kitchen.

For further information about the new Rayburn electric cooker please visit the website.

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