Whirlpool’s Innovations In Microwave Technology

Whirlpool’s Latest Innovations In Microwave Technology A combination of the rising cost of living and today’s hectic lifestyles mean that people are increasingly looking for fast, convenient and energy efficient kitchen appliances that will also provide great results.

Whirlpool has the solution in the form of its new JetChef 6th Sense and new Family Chef microwaves, which combine innovative design and technology, to provide ovens that are quick and easy to use.

Intelligent Thinking –  The new JetChef JT 369 combination microwave, features a series of functions designed to help control and monitor the cooking process for you, in order to ensure optimum performance and results:

The 6th Sense Steam technology will satisfy the health conscious, with its intelligent humidity sensor that measures conditions in the oven and adjusts the power and temperature accordingly, to provide perfect steamed vegetables or fish.

The exclusive CRISP system and CRISP plate provide oven-style browning and crisping to the top and bottom of dishes, making it ideal for baking pastries, pizza and cakes, as well as roasting and grilling meat and fish.

It’s A Family Affair  – The new Family Chef FT 339 featured here, is the perfect choice for busy families with its 27 litre capacity and unique Magic Clean coating that takes the elbow grease out of cleaning; simple yet stylish, it offers three modes of cooking, so that every taste is catered for:

The AutoSteam function offers a quick and healthy cooking option.

The Jet Menu features a range of pre-programmed cooking options by food type that control the cooking process for you, ensuring perfect results every time.
Family Jet Chef is priced at £184.

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