The Electrolux Grand Cuisine – A Professional Cooking System For The Home

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine Gas Hob

The launch of The Grand Cuisine from Electrolux is a culinary first, as it is the original and only specialist cooking system planned for the most elite homes world wide.

Electrolux has been collaborating with the world’s finest chefs, such as Tom Aikens and Alain Ducasse for over 90 years, by supplying progressive technology such as Vacuum Sealers, Blast Chillers, as well as Combination Ovens.

These new technologies have affected the way restaurants work and how food is served, but as yet have meant cooking skills such as ‘sous-vide’ and ‘cook and chill’ were only achievable by chefs in professional kitchens.

Now, after research exposed an opening in the market, plus a real consumer desire to reproduce restaurant food, Electrolux has responded by making the technology used by many of the Michelin-approved kitchens in Europe, accessible for homeowners.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine provides home cooks with the equipment to replicate the methods used in specialist kitchens easily, providing them with a completely new and superior cooking experience.

The innovative Grand Cuisine system consists of nine products, including Molteni the iconic French-design cooking stove, Precision Vacuum Sealer a Combination Oven, Induction Zone, and a Blast Chiller, all of which gives cooking enthusiasts the tools they need to master professional techniques.

Cook and chill
The cook and chill process permits cooking well in advance of serving and is suitable for cooking a variety of foods including fish and meat.
The Blast Chiller is also able to firm a dessert quickly and even reduce ten bottles of champagne from normal room temperature to 8°C in 30 minutes.

The Precision Vacuum Sealer is for a cooking technique known as ‘sous-vide’, a French phrase meaning ‘under vacuum’. The food is enclosed in a vacuum and cooked at low temperatures with water for a long time, to produce totally even cooking, while retaining all the juices resulting in a more tasty and succulent result.
Another use is to seal and preserve fresh vegetables and fruits, so that produce picked in summer, can be stored for use months later.

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine is sure to transform how we cook and cater for guests at home.

Initial price for the full range, (excluding the Molteni stove), will be in the region of £65,000. It uniquely comes with a demonstration from a leading chef in the home.

For specific information on all of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine products, please visit the website.


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