Sistema Launches A New Versatile Microwave Range

 Sistema Launches A New Versatile Microwave Range  Due to the busy lives we all lead now time available is key, so there isn’t always time to cook a three-course meal, therefore we opt to fill up with unwholesome ready meals, a takeaway, or calorie laden snacks.

Now however Sistema’s brand new microwave range, enables you to eat more healthily and conveniently.

Their extraordinary new collection of ‘Klip It Microwave’ products provide the latest innovations in cooking and storage solutions.

The range is specifically designed to promote healthy eating to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles:

  • All the containers are adaptable, as the trays can be removed in order to store and then re-heat pastas, bolognaise curries and much, much more.
  • The new range is also ideal for freezing food and storing leftovers.
  • Perfect for the winter months when a good stew is exactly what you need to warm you up.

These microwaves offer a resourceful cooking solution, with 3 steamer products, 3 plate products (complete with an inner tray excellent for cooking meats and fish). There is also a brilliant Soup to Go mug that is just perfect for taking to work and keeping at the office.

Statistics show that 93% of households now own a microwave? It’s now accepted as an efficient, faster and more nutritional method of cooking.

Microwaving with Sistema offers the following benefits:

  • It’s fast and convenient.
  • Generally, cooking food takes a quarter of the time in the microwave than it does in your conventional oven.
  • Natural flavours are retained in the food.
  • More nutrititous, as reduced cooking time means more vitamins and minerals are retained. Vegetables steamed in the microwave are much healthier than when boiled in a pan.
  • It’s economical your microwave uses less electrical wattage than your conventional oven, and you’re cooking for a much shorter time.

The ‘Klip It Microwave’range is now available from Amazon UK, and many more UK retailers. See online list.

For Further information and to view the whole range of Sistema’s Klip It microwave products, please visit the website.

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