Siemens LiftMatic – an Oven with a Lift

The Liftmatic Oven from Siemens

Here’s a first from Siemens – an oven with a built-in lift!

Now you may not have been hankering after a lift for your oven – but once you see it in action, you realise what a clever idea the Liftmatic really is.

The Liftmatic oven is wall-mounted, you simply press a button to open it, and the food is automatically lowered allowing unobstructed access from three sides – so you can say goodbye to those nasty burns from the oven door.

Owning a liftmatic oven is energy efficient too – when open, the rising heat is trapped within the oven rather than escaping through an open door. Another great advantage of the design is that it’s really easy to clean – especially with Siemens’ self-cleaning PyroClean system.

So if your kitchen needs a lift – the LiftMatic might just be the answer.

tel: (0870) 840 3300

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