Making Fast Food A Healthy Option

 Making Fast Food A Healthy Option LG’s new SolarCube microwave enables you to cook healthily and at light-speed.

LG Electronics (LG), a global leading innovator of home appliances, reveals the new SolarCube microwave featuring special Lightwave and steam technology to cook food quickly and healthily.

Simply prepare your food and select the correct setting, to enjoy all the benefits of steam cooking better than ever before. Not only does it keep your meal fresher, it also penetrates your food removing excess fat while locking in those essential nutrients.

The new SolarCube will save up to 40% of energy compared to conventional units, and gives a cooking time that is three times faster.

Coupled with the clever steam technology, the SolarCube uses Lightwave technology, where powerful halogen lights cook the outside layers of your food as well as the inside. This innovative feature means that your meal will be ready in minutes while staying moist, tender and bursting with flavour.

How the technology inside the SolarCube microwave works:

  • Lightwave – this technology uses powerful halogen bulbs to cook the outside of the food like a conventional oven, as well as penetrating the inside of the meal ensuring it is perfectly cooked in the middle, as well as being crispy on the outside. All in the speediest way you can imagine!
  • Steam- Steam is by far the healthiest way to cook, it locks in all of the essential nutrients we need while even removing excess fat.
    You can switch the steam on and off when needed and even combine it with the oven and grill modes for food that tastes super fresh.
  • Taste Saver – this feature will keep your food warm and in pristine condition for a whole 90 minutes.
  • Easy cleaning – steam cooking makes cleaning the microwave much easier, simply wipe the inside of the microwave after cooking, and you can even take advantage of the automatic drying, which you can set to kick in after steam cooking meal

For more information on the new SolarCube microwave, please visit the LG Electronics website.

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