Grenadier Launches The Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven

Grenadier have announced the launch of their new Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven – a modern-day, handmade outdoor oven with oak handles and a hard-wearing glazed finish that will cook faultless pizzas.

Prepared from an exclusive ceramic substance, the Earthfire oven can achieve temperatures over 350 C, necessary to bake pizza and impossible to attain in traditional ovens.

The oven heats up in around 30 minutes and will supply 2 hours of cooking time without refill – making al fresco entertaining trouble free this summer.

You can be confident of producing perfectly crisp even pizza bases up to 35 cm. in size, thanks to the oven’s porous surface.

It uses either wood or charcoal and is multi-purpose, as it can also smoke food, bake bread and barbecue.

The Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven is priced at £349 plus delivery and comes with several easy but scrumptious pizza recipes and some handy tips.


Grenadier is well-known for their electric firelighters, which are favoured by famous chefs.

The company also supplies a range of associated products such as ceramic fire pits and woodburning stoves.

For further details about Grenadier’s Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven go to the website.

Tel:   (01829) 741649.


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